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George and Carmela Baselice

Invite you for a weekend that will help you take control and create the body you've always dreamed of. Learn how you're body works and develop a customized training schedule and nutrition program to help
you achieve your personal goals.

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose body fat you'll learn the award winning techniques that won George and Carmela GRAND PRIZE in the MET-RX WORLDS BEST PERSONAL TRAINER CONTEST - "WEEKEND WARRIOR" category.

f your a beginner, you'll save years of useless often dangerous training, avoid mistakes, and make gains. If your intermediate, advanced, or a personal trainer yourself, you'll progress even more. Find out the answers to "How often should I train? How many sets, reps, and exercises should I perform? How many calories should I eat? How should I diet for a contest, photo shoot, or next month's high school reunion? What supplements should I take?" George and Carmela will put it all together for you. The training, the diet, the aerobics, and the rest.

his is not a hop till you drop, grueling workout weekend. George and Carmela's weekend warriors train smarter, not harder. Their weekend will help you reach your fitness goals at whatever level you are at and in whatever condition you happen to be in. Exercise is a "process" not a program! George and Carmela create an educational process that leads to a higher level of fitness and health forever.

ach weekend is limited to four weekend warriors. This keeps it private and personalized so that George and Carmela can give each warrior their ultimate attention. The focus is on the needs of each guest rather than create a schedule of activities that must be followed. The weekend will be tailored to what you want to get out of your stay.

he pleasure part includes accommodations at our home (or at a nearby hotel if preferred. The guest will be responsible for the cost of the room). A typical day will start with a handmade breakfast by Carmela. She might "prepare some protein-rich "outrageous" oatmeal, lowfat homemade "power" pancakes or even "furious" French toast made with egg whites.
ext comes a Seminar by George either on training, nutrition or his popular "Abominable Abdominals - the absolute truth. What does not get covered the first day will be covered the next day. This is followed by the daily gym session, which can run up to a few hours. It will be held either in our personal home studio or the local fitness center. George looks at exercise from the inside out. It's not what you do, but how you do it. George's guidelines and rules are based on the human skeleton and it's functional limitations, not this months most popular competitive bodybuilders routine out of some magazine. This is the "hands on" part of our seminars. The workouts are totally tailored to your needs. Most guests want to learn how to train each body part, so one day we will work back, chest, shoulders and the other day work legs, arms, abdominals, any time you enter a gym or change your diet there is risk and benefit Weighing out the two in favor of the "benefits is what George and Carmela do in all their training , nutritional and supplementation teachings. Don't just do it. DO IT RIGHT!

fter training relax and have a barbecue. After lunch you can choose to go sight-seeing, a visit to the county park, shopping at one of the most popular shopping strips in the country or just sit back and have a question and answer discussion. Dinner will be an elegant, home cooked healthful meal prepared by Carmela. For example, some of Carmela's specialties include salmon topped with spinach and cannellini beans; honey mustard chicken with spaghetti squash, Tantalizing ToFo and assorted vegetable medleys. Desert may include low fat yogurt pie, protein pudding, and low fat Macaroons. If you have any particular food preferences or food allergies please inform George and Carmela prior to your stay.
esides a desire to learn, all you need to bring with you is workout gear, casual clothes, a pen and notebook for taking notes, and a 5-7 day food record which will be helpful for you in deciding the right nutrition strategy that will work for you. You will need spending money if you plan on going shopping. Most guests arrive on Friday night so they can have two full days before the Monday late morning departure.
he price for the "WEEKEND WARRIOR GETAWAY'' is just $495 per person. The price includes customized training, nutrition and supplement plans, accommodations, all meals and ground transportation to and from the airport. Plus the knowledge you will take home with you is priceless. Special one day rate of $199 per person for New York area local residents and for those of you vacationing in the area and would like to spend an afternoon of fitness, fun and friendship. The hours are from 10am-4pm . Includes snacks (shakes, protein bars, etc...), lunch (barbeque, Carmela style), nutrition and exercise seminar (theory & hands on).

People fall into three categories:


George and Carmela MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! So can you

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL, (631) 692-5352. This is a very "one-on-one" weekend. No special requests or any specific questions are too big or small.

TELEPHONE CONSULTATION is also available if you cannot make the trip to Long Island, New York right now, at a cost of $45 per half hour. Call (631) 692-5352 to schedule a phone consultation on training and nutrition. George and Carmela would like to become your ongoing personal trainers and nutritional consultants.




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