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We have met and worked-out with many wonderful people over the years, including sports and TV personalities. Let us help YOU achieve the results you are looking for.
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A Sampling of Our  Success Stories.....

Estee Lauder, Inc.
Richard J Bollon DDS

Al Gavin

Estee Lauder Inc.
350 South Service Road
Melville- NY-11 747


My first introduction to Carmela Mule was April 23, during my interview with Estee Lauder. Carmela, a twenty-seven year veteran of Lauder, guided my tour of the Corporate Pick Center. One month later I officially joined the company as the supervisor of the Corporate Center.

Having spent several hours with Carmela during my interview, I was amazed to see the difference her appearance in only one month's time. I really noticed the change two weeks later, when she wore a short sleeved fitted top. She reached up to get a package, exposing all of her newly sculpted arms. The pettiness and definition were incredible! Casting aside any manners, I questioned her on her amazing weight loss and toning. I was desperate to hear her story, to know her secret. I've battled my weight all my life, never quite reaching my perfect physique, and here was a woman, twice my age, changing her body and pushing it to it's perfection.

Carmela's eyes glowed, seeing my wonderment in her accomplishment. She smiled, eager to share her precious secret. My heart was pounding, the anticipation tensed my muscles and tuned my ears.

"Diet and exercise.", she informed. Diet and exercise? A wave of disappointment sucked the hope from my soul, the gym .

"I do that.", I sighed. "I eat with more concern than anyone I know, and I spend at least six hours a week at the gym.

Sensing my dismay, Carmela told me about her heavy incorporation of MET-Rx products into her diet, and that her husband is a personal trainer. My self-doubt lingered. How could I model a lifestyle like that?

The next day, Carmella came to work with a package, Chocolate Roasted Peanut Source-One Bars by MET-Rx. In it she tucked her diet plan with weight training advice from her husband. Curious, I read the contents of the bars. The percent daily values, high protein and low carbohydrate content impressed me. But the taste, I was in disbelief! I literally loved it!

With her encouragement, I've slowly adapted her lifestyle, and the improvements are happening. Her continual progress fuels my fire and provides me with external inspiration. MET-Rx makes my hassle with diet a thing of my past! I'm on the road to my personal best!

Richard J Bollon DDS
366 North Broadway
Jericho, New York 11753

To Whom It May Concern re. Carmela Mule 7/28/99

I have known Carmela for about two years. Recently upon her appointment I noticed a tremendous change in her physical appearance. I observed her general body tone to be lean and firm with a detailed muscular tone which did not exist before. When I told her about it she showed me her abs and shoulders and I was truly amazed. I believe this has been a complete transformation of her physical appearance with a decrease in her waist size and a more refined muscular tone. In all ways her body is slimmer yet muscular with no added bulk, truly a feat of glory to tone and still remain with the female traditional look.

DR. Richard Bollon

Dear George,

On behalf of the staff at Gleasons Gym, thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge on nutrition and exercise with our clients and trainers. Your enthusiasm and energy lifted the spirit of the entire facility.

Muhammad Ali once said "The man who has the same thoughts at age 50 as he had at age 20, wasted 30 years of his life". I've always prided myself on seeking out new and innovative thoughts on training. But when I saw you come walking into the gym with that big rubber ball and rubber tubing my only thoughts were "tell this guy the nursery school is down the block". My thoughts changed quickly when you started demonstrating the wide variety of sport specific and everyday functional exercises that can be accomplished with these simple tools. I also have not let one of my trainers, boxers, or general club member perform the outdated "Wrestlers Bridge" since you spoke on the cervical spine problems that it can create. The method of strengthening the neck indirectly while doing abdominal crunches on that ball will extend the health and careers of many fighters and clients in our Club. I want you to also know the complimentary body composition analysis and nutritional counseling seminar you gave at our grand opening accounted for more than half of our sign ups that day. And your appearance on my radio show W.G.B.B. Boxing Chat, was fun, educational, and flooded our lines with phone calls. Your always welcome back.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you and your charming wife Carmela for inviting me and my out of state boxer Brian, over to your home for a delicious and healthy home cooked meal that day. It was a very gracious and professional gesture.

Finally George, I want you to know that my invitation for joining our staff is still open. You would be an asset to any fitness organization. All the members keep asking, "Where's the ripped guy". They all want a body like yours. I told them to grab those tubes, get on that ball, talk less, and get to work.

Thanks again from all of us

Sincerely Yours,

Al Gavin

Cutman for Lennox Lewis, Kevin Kelly, Alex Stewart, Tracy Patterson.
Technical advisor for T.V. & Films including Raging Bull...





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