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The 12 Week Difference


From the look of my "before" picture it was on my thighs, hips, and stomach. 12 Weeks later, this was the new Carmela.
It is no secret that as we age, we lose muscle, slow our metabolic rates and get FATTER. Maintaining a high enough level of muscle mass practically assures anyone that they will not get fat, despite what they eat and in spite of their genetics.
The more muscle you  develop, the easier it is to keep FAT OFF!

How do you stay so lean and muscular all year round?

How do you get such vascularity?

How much cardio do you perform?

What, when, and how much do you eat?

What, when, and how much supplements do you take?

After hundreds of people requesting the answers to such questions, I have compiled the information pertaining to my "current'' nutritional, supplement, and workout process. I use the word "current" because I usually change my routines every 4-6 weeks so they don't become routine! This way, my body is consistently exposed to new demands. If you continue to do the same exercises, sets, repetitions, tempo, and times per week, your body will adapt. You wont necessarily grow stronger or build more muscle, but you sure will get good at that particular routine. I also like to refer to it as "rotating the tires". Just as your car tires have a wear pattern if you don't rotate them, so do your joints if you keep performing the same repetitive exercise movements.

How much Cardio do I need?

You will be very surprised at the amount of cardio work I perform. By cardio I mean, large muscle groups in repetitive type activities such as jogging, cycling, stair-stepping, and aerobic dancing. If they are done correctly, they do work your heart, lungs, and burn calories, up to a point. But, so does strength training. If you keep the time between exercises short enough, your heart rate and oxygen consumption will remain in your target heart rate zone long enough to increase your cardiovascular conditioning and burn calories, if that is your intended goal. You will see how I make much better use of my time by focusing on building muscle because your muscles will burn extra calories even while at rest the next day.

Ever wonder why you're not getting the physique you want, even though you're working out 7-days a week, twice-a-day. Well that's the first reason. The second is your probably neglecting to have a healthy diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, as well as plenty of pure water. Slowly, I started introducing more variety into my diet in the proper amounts and at the proper times. Then something mysterious happened - I finally started to see the muscles I work so hard for, and I feel a whole lot better. Click below to see more information about my personal workout and diet programs.

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