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Carmela's Story!
The Turning Point

What started out as an opportunity to spend more time with my HUSBAND AND TRAINER, ended up being THE TURNING POINT in my life.


George Baselice

I am not one for "contests" or "beauty pageants". They last for a moment. Health and Fitness should be for a lifetime. But what caught my eye with the Met-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer Contest were the words "This is not a beauty contest". That really gave me the idea of how I can take personal training a step further than just fitting into the "right" clothes. It can create character, build confidence, increase self-esteem, fulfill dreams, bond relationships, and yes, build a better body.

I know I'm not alone when I say spending to much time learning and practicing your craft can put a strain on your personal life. It almost ended my marriage. My story is how I overcame this and created a new and wonderful life for my wife and myself. Friends, family, and co-workers all gave me the same advice. When I saw the Met-Rx ad I thought lets tell the world and give personal trainers who may be having the same problem a better more productive option.

My wife Carmela was born and raised in Palermo, Italy. Up until when we started the contest the heaviest weight she ever lifted was a ten pound meatball at the end of her fork. So teaching her safe, efficient, and effective muscle mechanics was a priority. This, along with my progressive staircase 3-phase system helped us reach and surpass our goals. I taught Carmela as I do all my clients and students.

To take one step at a time and get as much out of that step for as long as you can. Everyone wants to go right to the top step like it's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Like it's perfection. There is no top step. Make each step your own "top step". Your own "perfection". Carmela said the weight training was nothing like she imagined. She felt powerful and in control. I taught her that the power was within, not without. Start feeling better about yourself and you will start feeling better.


Nutrition is the part Carmela really sank her teeth into so to speak. She went from binger to frequent eater. I taught her to count portions not calories. You simply divide your dish in half and then quarters. Half she filled with vegetables, the quarters she filled with a protein and a carbohydrate. On the side she may have had a piece of fruit and a slice of whole wheat bread. This supplied all her needs for proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals in the correct amounts six times a day. The calorie problem takes care of itself when the meals are balanced this way. The Met-Rx line of food products and supplements took the guess work out of getting the balanced nutrients she needed when she didn't have time to shop for and prepare six quality whole food meals.

This approach to exercise and nutrition resulted in her body fat going from 29% to 18%. Body weight from 129 lb. to 112 lb. With a 3 pound muscle gain. ALL IN 12-WEEKS! She also canceled a rectal operation, varicose vein operation, and dismissed the idea of liposuction for cellulite. Everything was cured by the first month.

Carmela's life just hasn't changed physically. She has been certified as a Nutritional Counselor and works with me by providing post-exercise meals to my clients.

I feel the private studio concept is the trend of the future for personal training. Now with Carmela's help my dream is coming true. We have opened one from our home which includes cooking classes, nutritional counseling, post-exercise meals, resistance training, and educational workshops. The doors are open not only for the general public and special populations, but also for personal trainers wanting to expand their knowledge and for the many people that are too ashamed to step out of the house, much less be seen in a crowded gym.

Needless to say, all of this has brought Carmela and me so much closer together. Gone are the days when she used to resent and envy my interest and commitment in fitness. Who ever said personal training and fitness was just about fitting into a size "3" dress.

Train Smart, Safe, and with intensity!


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